We are extremely grateful to all those who have created 'unofficial' Radiohead sites; these do a top job and we thank you for your work. Below is a selection of sites. This isn't a list of recommendations, and it's probably disgustingly out of date. Oh, just use a search engine or something. Anyway, go forth and find that discography.

This is a page done by Tony who is a nice chap.
It's fairly comprehensive, containing guitar tablature as well as a nice discography.

This one's called Planet Telex. Discography (with pics) and er, lots of information.
You begin to see why we didn't put any information in our site. Have fun.

This link takes you straight to the famous RADIOHEAD SUCKS page.
Be creative. The site was set up as a joke, which is the spirit it should be taken in. Cool!

This link will fling you breathless into POLYETHYLENE, where you may 'chat it up' with other radiohead fans.

This site contains a "gigography" of sorts, as well as some other nice bits.
It's called WASTELAND and it makes its home in beautiful Canada,
home of many, but not all, Canadian people.

This link will usually take you to a bulletin board
where folk talk about a certain group of musicians.

Gander upon a site called [FADE OUT]. It includes a Japanese fanzine. Have a butcher's hook.

This site has tons 'o' links to sites of varying interest,
mostly of a radiohead-kind-of-angle. Saves us the bother of typing
in googleplexes of URLs, anyway. Thank you kindly.

This has links to a LOT of very useful/interesting sites,
as well as a smart site about a band who may have come to your attention.

This link will direct you to a place where radiohead data is translated into Spanish. It also contains a few other nice environmental links.

This one will send you to a page with guitar archives and other miscellaneous effluvia. Yes, effluvia.

Here is a self-proclaimed 'useless' Radiohead page. Click here, and soon you'll be there.

McSpotlight. A lot more use than this site. Fun for all the family.

Many thanks to Jonathan Moore, who not only sorted these links out, but did this whole page.

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