final day in this session

everybodys wasted. expended i mean. energy wise i mean.
all in need of bowl of coco pops.
colins i s playing sleaz bass on mornin' mi lord..
its sounds very heavy. err phat. a freight train...
'the speakers ar e cracking'
ths is the last day of the session.. we start again in a couple of weeks
i need to get away,
six days straight from 11 till late is enough for an old man like me.

need energy!

i dont know. what do people write in blogs normally?
i could write about how im finding it difficult to finish lyrics.
that there are giant waves of self doubt crashing over me and if i could allieviate this with a simple pill ...
i think i would

although it is a necessary part of the procedure. but that would be dull wouldnt it?

i could write about watching V festival.. how i thought Dizzee Rascal stole it..

or ponder the imminent energy crises that awaits us even before our governments get their arse in gear over climate change.

or how amazing the sky is outside with the moon hiding behind fast moving clouds and the bats swooping close to your head.

which? hmm

i have absolutely no idea what i am talking about
23 August

louis taken to pub after bvs

louis on bvs

three steps back. Undo, UNdo, Oh Shit, you can't


jonnys bed for the night
21 August

p "ed" als

step awaay from the bass


a harder day
sleepy now
we are pulling out pins at the moment
and hair
stcratching heads a little
it is always a good scratch when you get up

rethinking ' suit dont fit'
like a fast bad dream

morrissey stayed in the room im in
ooooo he was here for three months were here for six days

going out on bikes up hill with no gears

talking a lot about The Beat

'yes im counterfeit
im not proud of it'

watched chris cunninghams video with Aphex twin off the net 'rubber jonny'
felt ill

'you wouldnt even know it it came sat down next to you and talked into the microphone'

21 August

Hey! I'm in an acoustic frame of mind....

21 August

stroking some topiary...potato lakes

21 August

here we go

hello good people its sunday august 21 2005 and we're recording....... let me fill you in a little. so apart from a 3 and a half week tour to the other side of the world in april of 2004 the rest of that year was a dormant one for us
......... we needed a break ....... the end of another 3 album cycle...... they're not planned like that but thats how it seems to be. we needed to be at home with our families ....... lots of babies too. so we reconvened in mid - february and since then we've been trying to kick start the old beast ...... you don't realize once you've stopped how hard it is to regain the momentum ........ you literally get out the habit of doing it........ but often the only way to stop repeating yourself is to stop doing that thing, walk away from it ....... sometimes you have to go away in order to come back..... so here we are in the studio recording and it feels right. its only day 4, its very early days but really good things are happening .......lots of deconstructing and reassembling. we've been working on mornin' m' lud and pigsee.
21 August