why watch sky?

whilst recovering from a nasty cold at the end of the tour, why watch the evil ones' channels on satellite when you could be watching this?

right now the shuttle is about to dock at the international space station, woh maaan

now thats waht i call tv.

6 July 2006


28 June 2006

Chicago, San Francisco and San Diego Pictures

27 June 2006


20 June 2006

on the shitlist

this'll make you laugh.

i was told yesterday that one of the daughters of the president came to NY show 2.
we were playing THe Tourist at the end of the show.. and yyes we did wander what the shuffling manhandling fighting was in the distance of the audience.
turns out it was her 6 bodyguards clearing the way for the first daughters exit. and some pour soul objected at being manhandled by the secret service. i think i would have to.

infact if i had known all this my objections would have been more forthright and extensive...if you know what i mean. which is perhaps why our lot chose not to tell me who was in the building before we went on. probably a good idea.

i dont know if we should be

A. honoured
B. amused
C. bemused
D. ask if she had a valid ticket
E. object belatedly on moral grounds
F. ask again if she had a ticket and question whether this really what our gigs are about
G. dont blame the daughter for the father
H. shutup and smile

answers on a postcard

bonaroo today woo hoo
17 June 2006


16 June 2006