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this from The Nation

13 July

blank space

things are quiet here right now.

we are unable to explain.

nothing can be revealed.

we have not disappeared.

merely become invisible.

for a short time. we may be hiding in the woods.

meanwhile thebigask has set up an online video march
to hastle the government to commit to cutting our CO2.
which is a good idea i think. and you can post your own message.
so i'll have to do that. once i've found me camera.

ever since Gordon Brown became PM they have gone a little quiet on this subject.
i do hope rumours of Mr Brown lack of interest in climate change aren't true.
we have don't have time such crap.

04 July

a bit of tape from the studio

I keep bits of tape which have been chopped out of the mixes when they were edited .. stick em on a reel.. when you play it back it sounds like.. this

15 June

a word from the studio

Yes I know its been a while ..... but we've been working on this album for a while ...... BUT WE ARE NEARLY THERE .....
13 June