Nissan Pavilion

Due to Sunday night's torrential rain storm and consequential multiple road closures, many fans were unable to reach the Nissan Pavilion. While acknowledging a lack of control over the ensuing flooding and detours, the members of Radiohead are nevertheless disappointed regarding this turn of events. For further inquiries, ticketholders who didn't get in are urged to contact:
13 May 2008

Rained on in Washington again

To everyone who made it, and put up with the torrents on the lawn, and came early to catch the Liars and our show, thank you so much for braving the deluge. I hope you heard what you came for, the music and lights diverting you from the wet. We got out of there around three am, and the pic shows Jonny waiting in the loading bay whilst the water streams across the tarmac. We've had floods at Bull Creek, lightning at the RFK stadium, so there must be some kind of Biblical fix between us and DC. Frogs next time?

12 May 2008


And some others here.
10 May 2008

West Palm Beach

6 May 2008

Nude Remix

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4 May 2008

The most gigantic flying mouth for some time.

Radiohead take to the road on Monday (via a plane, unfortunately) to start in Florida with the first show of their 2008 tour.

Following on from their posting on the 19th December and the commissioned report on touring and CO2 generation, we've developed a new section of the site that gig goers can visit: the most gigantic flying mouth for some time.

Here you can try out our carbon calculator and compare different transport methods for getting to and from the venue. The list of tour dates will give you public transport information where available, and where not, there may be venue incentives for car sharing. There will also be weekly postings from Radiohead's production team on how the band has addressed their own touring carbon footprint and made it easier for fans to reduce theirs. You can discuss our successes and more importantly, our failings at waste-central, post up more local travel information where we haven't and make friends with other people going to your show.

Hopefully see you on the tour!
2 May 2008