Net Neutrality

from, via lots of other people...
we didn't put ' in rainbows ' out on the internet so that the next time A T & T would be releasing our music

Save the Internet

30 June



Glasgow Green

27 June

malahide in rainbow

today in glasgow its raining.
sometimes this happens in glasgow.
it doesn't matter.
bring a raincoat.
and i f the sun comes out it may look like this.
this is from the first nights show in dublin.
just before we went on.
alan mcdermott took it.
27 June

One Little Plane - "Until"

This is a lovely summer's record, one for sunny week end mornings and all the times in between. It was made by Kathryn, and produced by Kieran Hebden, who has toured with us before as " Fourtet ". I left my copy in Oxford, bugger, but I'm getting another one in Manchester. You can get it from the 30th of June, from Amazon and Boomkat and other fine music outlets.
Here is the link to Kathryn's site, with all the touring info.

27 June