Tibetans sentenced for taking part in protests in March 2008

n April 8th, China sentenced two Tibetans, Lobsang Gyaltsen and Loyak, to death for their alleged involvement in last year's protests in Lhasa. Two others, Phuntsok and Kangtsuk, were also sentenced to death but with a two year reprieve, and Dawa Sangpo was sentenced to life imprisonment.

These harsh sentences signal an alarming escalation in the Chinese government's campaign to punish and intimidate Tibetans who dare to speak out against Chinese rule.

Without a reprieve, Lobsang Gyaltsen and Loyak could be executed any day now. Help save their lives by taking action now.

Please take action now by sending this urgent action to the Minister of Justice demanding that the death sentences are quashed with immediate effect.
18 April 2009

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13 April 2009

2 April 2009


from Mr Godrich's camera.
and this head line in the news

22 March 2009

Mexico pinholes

18 March 2009


Two days ago a historic meeting took place in Heaven (!) under Charing Cross railway station in London. A group of us Featured Artists, that's anyone who has put a record out, gathered for the inaugural meeting of the Featured Artist Coalition (FAC). Traditionally in the music industry two groups have been shut out of any negotiations and rights/revenue carve ups . and that's the artists and the fans. The formation of the FAC is all about changing this state of affairs . hopefully we can not only do artists justice but also the people who listen to our music. After all, in order to be a musician you have to be a music fan .. And first and foremost this is about trying to ensure that young bands and artists get a fair deal and are able to make a living in the digital era ..
I'm going to post up stuff about this because it's an exciting time and also because there is going to be some seriously heavy PR aimed at us by the interested parties who might deem the FAC a threat .there's a lot of fear out there in the biz..
Timing is everything and with a man like Barack Obama in the Whitehouse, it's a moment to set up a really great and dare I say it noble organisation. That word is not often used these days, it seems a bit old-fashioned in our ironic, knowing times .. Well, too bad, I think it's appropriate.
We are in Mexico city, our first show tonight.the last time we were here 'my iron lung' ep had just been released... it was 1994 .. We then head on down to Brasil, Argentina and Chile . I've waited years for this! ... Un abrazo Edx

15 March 2009