as i sweep up the last of the leaves

and the autumn sun is out

1. Intro + Gold Love Riddim by Tapes from Hissing Theatricals
2. Herzog by Clark from Warp20: Chosen
3. Square Footage by Luke Vibert from We Hear You
4. Take A Ride Version by Dub Specialist from Studio One Dub
5. Incredible by M Beat General Levy from Rumble in the Jungle
6. Quiet Dog by Mos Def from The Ecstatic
7. Dinamo by Nathan Fake from Dinamo
8. Drane by Autechre from Warp20:Chosen
9. Nordic House by Ceephax from Exidy Tours
17 November

nuclear power no thanks

under pressure from the CBI
and under the confused assumption that we can carry on consuming power as we do now into the future
and too afraid to think out of their own isolated political fuzzy cloud
the british government is commiting to build a new round of nuclear power stations
for which we dont have the money.
just perfect.
well done fellas.
you've really thought about this haven't you?

Greenpeace on nuclear

Friends of the Earth on nuclear
09 November

happy f***in halloweed

bring out yer dead

1. Goodbye Rute by The Tuss frm Rush Edge
2. Automatic Lover by Dj Blaqstarr frm Supastarr Ep
3. Laika Likes it by Octa Push on 1975
4. Simple Things (Serge Sanitago Rmx) by Shit Robot from Simple Things(work it out)
5. Out of my mind (mono) by Buffalo Springfield of the Neil Young Archive thing
6. Oubilian by Igbayen from The Festival in the desert
7. Plateux 2 End by Alvo Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto

The E N d
31 October

Steve Mason in the Studio

19 October

Century of piano

Messiaen - Pierre-Laurent Aimard - Vingt regards sur l'enfant Jésus : III L'échange
Dutilleux - Anne Queffelec - Sonata for Piano: II
Ligeti - Jürgen Hocker - Continuum - Instrumental
Szymanowski - Martin Roscoe - 20 Mazurkas, Op. 50 : No. 1
Cage - Philipp Vandre - The Perilous Night - VI
Debussy - Jos Van Immerseel - Images No. 2 - Dans Un Mouvement D'une "Sarabande"
Messiaen - Pierre-Laurent Aimard - Vingt regards sur l'enfant Jésus : XI Première communion de la Vierge
Britten - Rolf Hind - Variations for solo piano: III
Thomas Ades - Thomas Ades - Darknesse visible
Ravel - Yukie Nagai - Gaspard De La Nuit: II. Le Gibet

So many great sounds from one box and 88 strings.....

If you've got Spotify, listen here.
18 October

Room Music

Good out of speakers in rooms:

Borodin String Quartet - Schubert : String Quintet in C major D956 : II Adagio
Sepp Grotenhuis - Berg - 5 Altenberg Lieder, Op. 4 (Version For Piano, Harmonium, Violin And Cello): 5 Altenberg Lieder, Op. 4: No. 5. Hier Ist Friede
Belcea Quartet - Deutillux - Ainsi la Nuit: I Nocturne
Ligeti Project - Ligeti : Melodien
Martin Fröst - Penderecki - Clarinet Quartet: II. Vivacissimo
David Grimal - Bartok - Sonata for solo violin SZ 117 - Melodia
Yehudi Menuhin - Beethoven - 3eme Mvt Finale Presto Son Kreutzer Op47 Vl Pn
George Crumb - Black Angels: God-music
Kenneth Cooper - Bach - Sonata No. 1 in G Major for Cello and Harpsichord, BWV 1027/III. Andante - Instrumental
Pierre Charial - Ligetti Continuum - Instrumental

Or on Spotify.
08 October

Hey what are you doing tomorrow night?

ok now with a link that works hopefully

so yes that band thats doesnt really have a name that im working with at the moment??????
have decided to do a warm-up show on Friday Oct 2nd around 9pm at the Echoplex in Los Angeles
Its not that big, it'll be total chaos and its kind of a rehearsal but .. if you are near by..
below is a link to get tickets.
hope you get lucky with it.

so ain't no point hanging around if u dont im afraid

all the best

HERE go on work this time!
02 October


in the past couple of weeks i've been getting a band together for fun to play the eraser stuff live and the new songs etc.. to see if it could work!
here's a photo.. its me, joey waronker, mauro refosco, flea and nigel godrich.

at the beginning of october the 4th and 5th we are going to do a couple of shows at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.
we don't really have a name and the set will not be very long cuz ..well ...we haven't got that much material yet!
but come and check it out if you are in the area. we've also got locals Lucky Dragons playing.
all the best

click here to get to get tickets>


29 September

office chart for grey dewy mornings

1. Hull Drum and Bass by Ceephax from Exidy Tours
2. Huyendo Pt.2 by Alex Cortex from Huyendo EP
3. Bad Organs by Hate Hello Darkness/Bad Organs
4. Becalmed by Brian Eno from Another Green World
5. J&W Beat by Floating Points from J & W Beat
6. very 2 (bonus) by Lucky Dragons from Dream Island Laughing Language
7. L'Ascension: IV. Prière Du Christ Montant Vers Son Père by Messian / Marius Constant
8. Estampes, L. 100: I. Pagodes Pascal Rogé/ Debussy
14 September

age of StuPid StupID StuPid

there is a film that is getting a lot of attention call Aged of Stupid. i've seen it and it stays with you-
especially in light of the Copenhagen summit coming up in December where our glorious leaders must decide how we structure our plans to tackle climate change.
The global premier of it will happen on the 21st of september or 22nd depending on your time zone.
There are cinemas participating in over 50 countries - If you want to be part of it, you can buy a ticket for the one nearest to you by going to the age of stupid website

After the screening, there will be live discussion thing via global satellite link up
and after that I will be playing Reckoner live from an undisclosed location. (!)
14 September