wake up walk out

wake up walk out
8 April 2010

mr sensible strikes a pose

your bank may be investing your pension, if you have one, in the Tar Sands of canada.. that is messed up.. you're pension wont be worth shit if you dont have a planet to live on. a lot of people are doing sumfing about it here
31 March 2010

a shift in the weather? (chart)

1. Twilight Speedball by Mos Def
2. Fancy Clown by Allah's Reflection, Mavillain & Viktor Vaughn
3. Baiafro by The Gaslamp Killer
4. Exhibit C by Jay Electronica
5. Penny's Confession by Ras G
6. Lose my Fuse by Muhsinah feat. Flying Lotus
7. MIA by MIA
8. Holidays by Gonjasufi
9. Itas important by Samiyam
10. Purify by Untold
15 March 2010

Happy Birthday

BBC 6 Music - 8 years old today. Something worth celebrating: I mean, when Chris Moyles and Ken Bruce aren't for you - and Radios 1 and 2 strive to appeal to ever younger and older listeners - where else can you turn during the day?

Happy Birthday 6 Music, and all you other nerdy music lovers let's fight for many happy returns.
11 March 2010

Mark Linkous RIP

I was very sad to hear the news that Mark Linkous has died. He and his band toured with us in Europe, at the start of OK Computer, and they were great every night. His first two records were very important to me, and I carried his music from the tour into my life, and my friends' lives too. He was softly spoken, with an Old South courtesy I hadn't heard before: he introduced me to Daniel Johnston's music, and the West Virginian writing of Pinckney Benedict. Mark wrote and played some beautiful music, and we're lucky to have it. Rest in Peace.
8 March 2010

1 2 3 4 .... Chieftain Mews anyone?

For those who don't know or remember, Senor Chieftain Mews,as he likes to be addressed now, was our slightly disturbing host on 'the most gigantic lying mouth of all time' .. Well, his comrade in arms and occasional masseuse, Chris Bran (who has also been hugely involved in our webcasts since we started them back in 2000), has a pilot out of his new comedy called 'This is Jinsy' .. it went out last Monday night on BBC 3 and you can still watch it on the BBC iplayer, but only for a few more days. hurray whilst stocks last. Go check it out .. It's mental:
If we are on the subject of things you should watch then allow me to point you in the direction of the film '1 2 3 4'. It was written and directed by an old friend of ours from Oxford, Giles Borg. Giles was a true mensch of the Oxford scene back in the day .. he directed videos (Colin starred in one he made for the Candyskins, and it's on youtube..),and made a fine documentary on Ride. Well, he's made his first feature film and it's the story of an indie band forming and trying to get a deal . Sound familiar?...I love it.. You can see a trailer of it at:

It's showing around the UK at the moment:

Spring is sprunging.
5 March 2010