Real vs Astroturf?

President Obama is soon to make a decision on whether to press one of THE big red climate self destruct buttons..

and is under considerable pressure from a fake grassroots campaign funded by um
..certain interested parties (its called Astroturfing )
into allowing the Tar Sands nightmare to go ahead..
if you don't know anything about the Tar Sands have a quick google...

as seems to be the way of politics this won't happen unless a strong show of resistance can be seen to help obama say no.

Anyway there is a campaign of peaceful civil disobedience planned in washington..


AstroTurf- type tshit

thanks for reading this. more stuff about music laterrrrr
11 August 2011

office chart

even though there is no-one in the office.
we've gawn fishing.
well i havent.
neither's anyone else.
the sun comes out occasionally here, but then we get wet.
im not answering me emails. much.
im listening to these.. amongst other things

1. O God Protect Me by Ben Frost
2. Mozaik by Zomby
3. Juke Me From The Back Low by Dj Slugo
4. I Just Woke uP by Wiley
5. Sacred Frequency by Machinedrum
6. Radiance by Surgeon
7. Phoenix(fantastic mr fox remix) by Hyetal
8. German Clap by Modeselektor
9. Hibakusja by Ben Frost
10. The Sun Too Slow by Chris Clark
11. 100%publishing by Wiley
12. Things Fall Apart by Zomby

8 August 2011

Remixes by Lone, Pearson Sound and Four Tet

Issue number three of our remix series, in the shops on Monday 1st
August (Tuesday 9th August in the USA & Canada), and available to buy here:

29 July 2011

The King of Limbs - From The Basement broadcast

Our The King of Limbs - From The Basement programme is going to be aired in the USA this Saturday 23rd July at 9pm on Palladia, followed by a second showing on MTV2 the following Saturday.

Apologies for the delay getting From The Basement shown in the UK: the original broadcaster decided not to show it, but we are working on it getting it shown on another channel.

Photos by Steve Keros
20 July 2011

Bloom in Glastonbury

Yes it rains at the end, and the wet smudges the lights and everything spins out nicely.
We loved playing at Glastonbury, and can't wait to do it again soon

Thanks to Polar1one for making the video.
16 July 2011

Nathan Fake/Harmonic 313/Mark Pritchard remixes

So, here are the next remixes in our series,

They go on sale on Monday 18th from here (there is a slight delay on the vinyl in the US & Canada, so those will be in the shops on the 2nd August)

Just so you know, we're planning to put this series together on CD at the end.
15 July 2011