New York, New York

Radiohead will play New York City's Roseland Ballroom on the 28th & 29th September.
Tickets go on sale at 10am EDT (New York time) on 26th September at

While they are in town, there will also be TV performances on The Colbert Report and Saturday Night Live.

Pre-orders are now being taken for TKOL1234567, the double CD of Radiohead's 7 issues RMX 12" vinyl, which will be on general release on the 10th October.
19 September

office chart in high winds

1. Hey, All You Hippies! by the Low Anthem
2. Canto de Ossanha by Baden Powell and Vinicius Moraes
3. Sideways by Samiyam
4. Our Luv by Africa Hitech
5. Tissues and Fivers by Gang Colours
6. Stop What Your Doing(James Blake rmx) by Untold & James Blake
7. Hera by Owiny Sigoma Band
8. Tronman by Falty DL
9. Black Angels-X. God-Music by George Crumb performed by The Miro Quartet

"Hey All You Hippies!! You got a bad name ever since you let yer gaurd down!!"

.get back in the sea fish
18 September

On the Radio

Thom has put together a guest mix for Mary Anne Hobbs. It will be broadcast tonight at 9pm(UK time) on Mary Anne's Music Response show on XFM.

Also, next week, in the very early hours of 21st September, Thom will be co-hosting on Gilles Peterson's show, Radio 1, 2-4am (UK time).

RMX Number 6: Modeselektor & Objekt


In Poland this weekend for some concerts - some of which are being broadcast online, so if you're nowhere near, perhaps you'd like to listen in...



Live broadcast (Polish Radio Channel 2 and 3),Dwojka
(from 19.30),Trojka (from 21.15)
09 September

Remix: issue number 5

...and the next set below are from Brokenchord, Altrice and Blawan, released on Monday on 12" and digital download, available from here.

A double CD of the whole 19 remix series comes out in record shops on the 10th October.

26 August

doing something

Peaceful Protest Against Tar Sands in front of the White House.. Free Arrest no extra cost
24 August

Remix Series, issue number 4

Next up is Thriller, Illum Sphere and Shed.

The digital version goes on sale on Monday 15th but unfortunately there will be a delay on the vinyl reaching the shops; you should be able to pre-order vinyl from your local record store or from our store here on Monday.

Real vs Astroturf?

President Obama is soon to make a decision on whether to press one of THE big red climate self destruct buttons..

and is under considerable pressure from a fake grassroots campaign funded by um
..certain interested parties (its called Astroturfing )
into allowing the Tar Sands nightmare to go ahead..
if you don't know anything about the Tar Sands have a quick google...

as seems to be the way of politics this won't happen unless a strong show of resistance can be seen to help obama say no.

Anyway there is a campaign of peaceful civil disobedience planned in washington..


AstroTurf- type tshit

thanks for reading this. more stuff about music laterrrrr
11 August

office chart

even though there is no-one in the office.
we've gawn fishing.
well i havent.
neither's anyone else.
the sun comes out occasionally here, but then we get wet.
im not answering me emails. much.
im listening to these.. amongst other things

1. O God Protect Me by Ben Frost
2. Mozaik by Zomby
3. Juke Me From The Back Low by Dj Slugo
4. I Just Woke uP by Wiley
5. Sacred Frequency by Machinedrum
6. Radiance by Surgeon
7. Phoenix(fantastic mr fox remix) by Hyetal
8. German Clap by Modeselektor
9. Hibakusja by Ben Frost
10. The Sun Too Slow by Chris Clark
11. 100%publishing by Wiley
12. Things Fall Apart by Zomby

08 August