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Some things that are currently floating my boat

1. Ride On / Shed

2. Ye Ye / Daphni

3. De-Pimp Act / Luke Vibert

4. High Road / Dusk + Blackdown +

5. Pyramid Lake / Airhead

6. Gov'nor / Doom

7. Alin / The Whitefield Brothers

8. 2 Blunted / Arca

9. Temptation & Desire / Silent Servant

10. Intimacy & Desire / Cathedral X

11. Greetings(feat. Tre) / Jeremiah Jae

12. Brook / Throwing Snow

13. Youstandit / Dak
10 October 2012

greenpeace - save the arctic

We are bringing Greenpeace on the road with us..
We support their campaign to save the Arctic from oil drilling and mining as the ice get thinner through global warming.
Drawing a line somewhere in the ice saying, ok that's enough, no further. The madness stops here. Break this spell.
If you are coming along i hope you can get time to go and talk to them.

Best wishesish

27 September 2012

The Master

The soundtrack for Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master' was released today on Nonesuch

Here's a good trailer - (though forgot to put this particular bit of music on the album...)

Hope you like what you hear as much as what you is great!
12 September 2012

Atoms for Peace

You may have heard that I have a new project called Atoms for Peace.

The name comes from some shows of The Eraser that happened a couple of years ago with Mauro, Joey, Nigel and Flea.

We got a big buzz from them and discovered loads of energy from transforming the music from electronic to live, and so afterwards, we carried on for a few days in the studio and decided to make it a loose, on-going thing.
Immersed in the area between the two.electronic and live.

The first tune we'd like you to hear is Default
A 12" vinyl version will follow next month and an album will eventually follow that next year.
7 September 2012

The Scott Johnson Bursary Fund for Young Musicians

Over the past couple of months, a number of people have asked if there is anything they can do in memory of Scott. Scott's parents have now created the Scott Johnson Bursary Fund for Young Musicians. This will fund musical equipment for young people in Rotherham in the UK, where Scott grew up. If you would like to find out more, or would like to make a donation, then please follow this link:

Many thanks

8 August 2012


26 July 2012